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Git merge and resolving resulting conflicts could be one hell of a concept to wrap your head around. In this short post, I have attempted to explain git merge and conflict resolution without use of technical jargon. The analogy takes inspiration from events of our day to day lives which, hopefully, everyone can relate to. In my experience, once you understand a concept fundamentally, you will always find it easier to understand in every other domain — in our case, git merge.

Picture this — you are planning a vacation with friends. You and one of your friends are in…

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API stands for Application Programming Interface. We are used to GUI (Graphical User Interface) based applications and that is what is needed for most users who just want to get their work done e.g. booking air-tickets. However, APIs are a special class of software that help software developers to interact with other software “programmatically”. For example, as a software developer, if I am trying to build a website that helps find cheapest flights, I might need to access prices of all the airlines, compare them and present the lowest rate to users. Now, if I have to do all that…

Two testers doing Pair Testing together
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We all have heard about Pair Programming and its advantages. Pair Programming is a practice where two programmers pair up to code a certain task. While one focuses on the “tactical aspects” of writing code, other focuses on the bigger picture — strategy, bottlenecks etc. Though it takes more time, this approach helps reduce defects and helps develop more diverse solution.

Personally, I love Pair Programming. Its my preferred way of coding and I am always up for it, if the other developers are ready. I like the exchange of ideas, white boarding, the aah moments when you suddenly realize…

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Productivity tools are a recurring theme in software development. There is so much to be done in short period of time and budget, we could definitely use a productivity hack or two, can’t we?

In this article, I am going to introduce you to one such tool for your Rest Assured project. Well, technically, it is a project, famously called Project Lombok.

What is Project Lombok?

Project Lombok is a java library that automatically plugs into your editor and build tools, spicing up your java.

Never write another getter or equals method again, with one annotation your class has a fully featured builder, Automate…

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Have you reached a point in your career where you feel that you need a change? Change is rather a very broad term. Let’s try to be more specific. Let’s say, you are looking for a more challenging role — a promotion, may be? or you have a preference for a certain kind of work — more technical, less people oriented, or you are looking for a better culture or let’s just say you don’t know what you want but you are certain you need a change.

In most scenarios, you will find that it is difficult to get the…

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Since quite some time now, we are seeing more and more frameworks and programming languages adding declarative programming constructs. React and Angular frameworks are full of them. While support for declarative programming in these frameworks only helps users of these frameworks, lately programming languages like Java and JavaScript have also started adding such constructs as core language features. This has fundamentally changed the way we write and comprehend code.

So what on earth is Declarative programming? And, how is it different from traditional approach?

The traditional programming style is called Imperative programming.

In Imperative programming style, the focus is on…

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Learn how to learn new stuff instead of constantly learning new stuff

No matter how many skills a job description has on it these days, lets face it — its not possible to know every possible language/tool on the face of earth. You can not know it all!

We need to crawl out of the FOMO and start focusing on what we are working on. For sure, different teams use different types of tools and technologies. Some uses React while others might use Angular. Some use Python while others might use Java. But do you need to know every single technology that you might potentially work in future just because it is…

Recently, I was assigned a project to test an ETL application developed by one of my team members. I had to work with some of the largest file sizes I had ever encountered. The file sizes ran into GBs and wouldn’t open easily using any mainstream editors. I tried opening the files and they slowed down the whole system to the point where I had to restart the computer.

I knew I had to figure out a better way to deal with this new problem. I was searching for solutions online and a lot of stack-overflow answers recommended using UNIX…

If you have ever undertaken API testing, chances are that you might have heard about Postman. Many developers and testers I know use Postman to make GET/PUT/POST requests and then they manually validate the response. While Postman’s GUI is really great and intuitive, very few people know that you can actually do much more in Postman than just firing requests and exploring the response.

Ability to write automated tests is one of those lesser known features of Postman. In this article, I am going to introduce you to the Postman GUI and help you write your first test.

For this…


I was recently introduced to this very handy concept of storing JavaScript as Bookmarks and creating “One Click” utilities using the same.

And I was like -

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